Social media is changing the way we shop


Facebook is currently testing a new shopping function that will turn your Facebook Page into a mini shop-front… and we’re really excited about it!

Rumour has it, there will be a new ‘shopping’ section on Facebook Business Pages where companies can show off products in a similar format to ‘photos’ and users can click to purchase. Retailers will be able to choose whether the actual transaction will take place within Facebook, or whether you’ll be redirected to the company’s website.

Here at Social Media Servants, we’re eager to see this new feature in action as it will create a new sales channel for clients and allow us further prove social ROI for businesses.

Facebook spokesperson Mike Manning said it’s too early to reveal a timeline for when it will hit our shores and more details will be shared shortly… so watch this space!


Have your say: How do you as a business use social media shopping?

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