Social media never sleeps… How to manage your community over the holiday season


As we lead up to the holiday season, there’s one thing on every social media managers mind… Who will be monitoring my businesses platforms over the public holidays? Social media never sleeps and for direct to consumer brands, the Christmas period is a peak time for customer questions, complaints and interaction as they open their purchases on Christmas Day.

One of the major benefits of utilising a social media agency is this is never an issue for you. At Social Media Servants we ensure that community and crisis management is covered for you, so you get the chance to have a well-deserved break.

If you don’t currently have a social media agency, here are some tips for managing your community during the silly season:

  1. Ensure your community are aware of your customer service hours. People are generally understanding that there will be reduced hours of customer support during the holiday season (if they are informed). Arrange a post highlighting your key hours of operation so customers know exactly when they will be able to get in touch with you.
  2. Set up a landing page or third party app where you can direct the community to enter their enquiries and contact details. Ensure your community feel listened to by offering the ability for them to submit their question or complaint directly to the business. This will also streamline the process of responding to all social media based enquires once the team is back in the office.
  3. Create an FAQ document with pre-approved responses. Think of all the questions that might come through over this period and develop responses to them. This will reduce stress when responding to questions as they arise.
  4. Assign times to check your platforms feeds. Don’t overwhelm yourself with constant notification pop ups. Be strict on yourself and create a schedule for checking and responding to community comments and messages.
  5. Set up key word searches through your monitoring platform for simple crisis management. If you think there may be a possibility of negative issues arising over this period, create a list of identifying words and terms and add these to your monitoring stream. This will ensure you’re on top of any issues as they arise.

Have your say: How will you be managing your social media this holiday season?

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