Start Something New: the Apple way


It is no secret that Apple is a leader of social media campaigns. Initially with the ‘Get A Mac’ campaign, Apple sparked a public debate with the now infamous Mac vs PC. This was followed by their ‘Silhouette’ campaign designed to engage a much younger, more vibrant audience.

It was no surprise then, that in 2015 Apple was still leading the way in terms of attracting engagement and standing out with their campaigns. And then they give us Something New… 

The Start Something New campaign is a way for Apple to show its customers how to use its devices specifically for art. The goal? To attract more in-store engagement at workshops while teaching individuals how to use their iPhones to take professional-quality images and sketch/ draw using their iPad’s and Apple Pencils.

Why do we care? Because this campaign has the opportunity to attract high levels of consumer engagement across different spectrums. With individuals wanting their work to be featured and communities to starting talk about, share and ‘like’ the presented content, this is a social-engagement home run. Beyond this (and maybe more importantly if you believe ‘the decline of Apple’ stories), it takes Apple back to its original tribe: the creatives. These are the people who made the brand what it is today and provide endless user-generated opportunities.

Beyond this, Apple has created a well-rounded campaign that puts humans and their individuality at the center of everything and this is a great lesson for businesses wanting to run social for the masses.

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