Super Bowl 50


Author: Phoebe Bullen

You can’t fault the commercials of Super Bowl 50 for not having range! As more than 100 million Americans tuned in (and 1.75 million Aussies!), 46 companies battled it out. It’s estimated that companies splurge between $4.5 million – $5 million on 30-second advertisement slots during the coverage to win hearts, minds and wallets!

Much of the chatter about these adverts obviously takes place on social media, so it was no surprise when Instagram reps came out and said that a whopping 38 million people engaged with the app’s Super Bowl-related content 155 million times on Sunday. Brands spend considerable time analysing traffic on their social platforms in the lead up to the game and on the day of the Super Bowl itself – this can be a great reference and benchmarking tool for any brand spending mega bucks on a Super Bowl ad spot.

Here for your viewing are the top performing Super Bowl advertisers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the week leading up to and including the game, according to Engagement Labs (developer of the eValue global benchmark for social media scoring).


Pikachu had a pretty good day at the Super Bowl, producing one of the most viewed commercials from the Super Bowl! Analytics company states that the ad generated 41,000 social interactions on Sunday night. Check it out here.


Walt Disney Pictures’ The Jungle Book Teaser Trailer

The latest trailer for Disney’s The Jungle Book roared to life during the big game, treated to a condensed version of the trailer. The brand used their social platforms to post a series of trailers leading up to the game, and viewers were directed to go online to watch the full version after it aired. View the full version here.



The commercial for this website domain company scored particularly high for engagement on social posts, thanks to comedic duo Key & Peele who pose as sports commentators in the ads. View the ad here.



For a small financial startup, SoFi’s fans were extremely engaged, actively commenting and liking its content. According to Engagement Labs, part of the brands success is attributed to the fact that it’s product offering services a niche market. Check it out here.



Acura posted 11 times about the NSX car over the past two weeks, including the opportunity to win a sports car by commenting on a video post. It’s no surprise that car lover’s juices were flowing after watching their “What He Said” Super Bowl ad! View it for yourself here.


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