The potential of Instagram multi-accounts


Instagram, which is both one of the most popular business tools and the most resistant to allow this to happen, has finally decided to take another baby step towards making business account management much simpler. Aside from the roll-out of sponsored posts in 2015 and carousel advertisements, Instagram is currently testing a feature that will allow users to manage multiple accounts from a single account.

This change in the application would provide a much more seamless process for managing social media accounts, and allow for better monitoring, publishing and analysis. In addition, this may lead to greater productivity, less room for error, and greater flexibility in schedule development internally at social media agencies.

The recent crackdown by Instagram on third-party apps (which were being used to help facilitate this process), hints at the need for this feature. Making it a crucial step for Instagram to keep up with the business demands on social media in 2016 and the opportunities that the application could exploit early.

As the company continues to develop their ‘sponsored’ post feature, learning how to best target posts, and manage feed allocation and budgets, businesses are gaining momentum to grasp these opportunities and develop a strong presence across Instagram. The nature of its younger demographic increases the pressure for Instagram to develop tools that are current and in line with their audiences needs, otherwise it will lose its place as a key image sharing application.

We can only hope that Instagram continues to develop this tool, creating the ultimate process for social media agencies to most effectively manage business accounts!


Have your say: Do you think multi-accounts will help your business to better manage Instagram?

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