The rise of the animated GIF



By Phoebe Bullen

It’s common knowledge that GIFs beat JPEG images in a heartbeat these days. Unless you’ve been avoiding the Internet (which is highly unlikely!), you’re bound to have seen them: the seconds-long, looping video clips that people use when words are just too hard to conjure up.

Even though they’ve been around for decades, the GIF trend has never been stronger, giving us new ways to capture attention, and express our emotions in a matter of seconds when we can’t do it in person.

So it’s no surprise to us that GIFs and social media have become BFFs. Tumblr, the blogging site said it had 23 million GIFs posted to its site every day (as of August 2015)! Even Facebook jumped on board the bandwagon by supporting GIFs, and more recently, allowing users access to new GIF-like profile pictures.

There is huge potential for brands to increasingly integrate the GIF animations into both advertising and other marketing. Here are just a few ways that GIFs will add to your brand’s online personality:

  1. To show personality (stay human!)
  2. To show off a product (giving your audience a closer look at the product)
  3. To explain a process (how-to guides)
  4. Offer a sneak peak for a new product
  5. To tell a story (string multiple still images together)

Definitely something to consider in your social media strategy moving forward!

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