TIME FOR: CUBA Campaign Inspiration!

By Georgina Clement

THE 5TH are teaming up with Latin American travel specialists, El Camino, to encourage people to visit Cuba ‘for a curated, once in a lifetime adventure’, topped off with your own personal photographer and videographer to capture moments and memories.

They are offering a five day trip to Havana, where the travellers will be immersed in local Cuban culture. The trip will involve a guided trip through Havana… “Manoeuvre through the colourful landscape in a typical vintage car. Keep off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the Cuban rhythm through their world renowned expression of Salsa and Jazz.” Sound appealing?

Of course, THE 5TH and some of their brand partners will keep travellers looking fresh and fly with a gift bag of goodies, so you they can vacay like seasoned travel bloggers.

Discover more about this creative campaign partnership here.


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