Top tips for inspiring and informative ads on Instagram


By Sophie Nettlefold

So you’ve grown your presence on Instagram and are curious about effective Instagram advertising. With more than 400 million users sharing over 80 million photos and 3.5 billion likes per day (source: Shortstack) Instagram is the perfect platform for marketers looking to inspire and influence by using the universal language of  visuals, and interaction from a lifestyle perspective over product promotion.

If you’re having trouble digesting all the information out there to create your own effective Instagram ad campaign, the best place to start is with these key elements:

  1. Consider composition:

Always pay attention to the way that people, objects and real-life situations encapsulating your brand are presented in a way that followers can relate to. Consider the natural tendency for the human eye to be drawn toward a point of interest (usually a person or object).


  1. Decide on a campaign focus

The attention of your followers scrolling their feeds lasts less than three seconds, so it’s vital you focus on a motivated message to direct their attention and remember your ad.


  1. Create an intimate perspective

Instagram is a platform for pictorial engagement, and visually, you can create an emotional response if you’re able to place viewers in the visual. This enables your audience to visualize using the product or relate to the overall brand experience.


  1. Avoid aggressive branding

Instagram is all about subtle nuances in visual stories that need to be taken into consideration. It’s imperative that your brand or logo never overshadows the content; it needs to look and feel organic.


  1. Utilise the power of colour and contrast

Try to focus on your iconic brand elements to create a story, such as bold colour or contrast to attract attention and improve recall.


  1. Be consistent

Brand consistency across social platforms is invaluable because it improves recall and will qualify your brand in a sea of other content. It is important to ensure that your brand’s organic and paid content have the same aesthetic and are aligned with your brand strategy.


  1. Avoid heavy text

Try to keep to the rule of less than 20% text on an image. Instagram is a visual medium, so the imagery should tell the immediate story, supported with copy details in the caption.

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