Using Facebook for Good

By Rosie Thompson

As we all know, Facebook is a very powerful business tool that allows you to share your ideas & beliefs with millions of people around the world.

Recently, a not-for-profit organisation, The Malala Fund, used the power of Facebook to generate mass awareness and movement to get girls in school.

This inspiring campaign, Stand #withMalala, launched with a video stating why supporters should join the movement. They also encouraged supporters to “Spend International Day of the Girl #withMalala” and see He Named Me Malala in theatres.

A steady drumbeat of ‘Stand #withMalala’ posts helped tie together the narrative of the campaign over the months, and to date they have reached over 600million people. From these efforts, they saw some great movement in their cause. A petition about girls education had over 1million sign ups and played a big part in influencing the Global Partnership for Educations decision to expand its focus to primary and secondary education.

So what can we learn from this?

  • Launch campaigns with a short video. Video is the king of content and the best way to share your message quickly with lots of people.
  • Use a global hashtag. This integrates the whole campaign and ensure the overall message is easily understood by all.
  • Take an integrated approach to ensure you reach people at all touch-points and keep the momentum flowing. Stand #withMalala was powerful due to strong hashtags, videos, petitions, events and movie releases.


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