Vice x Airbnb

By Georgina Clement

Through a digitally driven campaign, Airbnb has partnered with Vice Media to offer a series of curated and eccentric travel packages. Airbnb has housed the competition on their website, complemented by Vice articles and YouTube videos showcasing what is on offer.

Each trip has been specifically curated by Vice reporters, to give their audience an authentic and unique experience in Paris, Cape Town, Tokyo or New York. In Paris, the winners will immerse themselves into an erotica-inspired tour, Cape Town with be techno-driven, New York winners will glimpse the vogueing scene Tokyo-goers will do an LGBTQ tour of the city.

According to their website, Airbnb experiences are ‘activities designed and led by local experts. Meet interesting community members, from street artists to pro surfers, and go on adventures you can’t find on your own.’

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