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When it comes to creating an effective Facebook strategy to increase your social media presence, video is one of the best components you can use.

With Facebook taking on YouTube with video content, we are revisiting a previous blog post on video content and why you should include it in your digital presence…

Video can be a great way for you to expose your brand to different users and viewers on Facebook. Not only does it enable you to boost web traffic, but it is also a fun and interesting way of promoting your products and services.

Businesses are now realising the power of video to reach their target audience and using videos for communication is becoming increasingly popular. Including videos in your Facebook strategy will help you open up new avenues of exposure and stand out amongst your competitors. Here are a few more benefits:

Improves Search Engine Visibility

Facebook is the biggest social media website and promoting your products and services on such an active and huge platform can indeed prove to be beneficial for your brand.

You will have seen that when you conduct a search on Google, the top three results are videos. Google includes search results from Facebook and YouTube, so by adding videos to your Facebook strategy, you will be able to improve the likelihood of showing up in searches.

Facebook Loves Video

As well as increasing your SEO, posting videos on Facebook increases your chances of moving up the News Feed. Facebook knows that their users like videos, and so are more likely to give preference to them over other content formats, meaning your video has more chance of being seen.

It Is The Most Engaging Online Medium

People love watching videos, as they are entertaining, informative, engaging, and highly shareable. It is an easy and enjoyable way of receiving information.

You can share videos from YouTube and other video channels to your Facebook page or create a video yourself. When you create a video, people can hear and see your passion and relate to your message, which is a more engaging method of promoting your brand.

You can demonstrate how your product or service works and include some fun pointers for your target audience to view. You can use music to inspire, words to persuade, and imagery to illustrate your point.

Least Expensive Method Of Promoting Products

There are small or no costs for creating a video to promote your products and services on your Facebook page. If you own a smartphone, tablet, camera, or a laptop, you already have a video camera and can create your own content.

Using a professional to create your videos of course has a higher cost, but the quality and potential return makes the investment worthwhile. It all depends on how confident you feel in your own video and editing skills, and the audience you are targeting.

One Video = A Lot Of Mileage

Facebook offers a sharing option on each photo, status, or video. Once you have created and uploaded your video on your Facebook page, your community can share it and reach an even wider audience.

Far from being like a TV ad that viewers see once during a show, your video has the potential to be watched over and over again, and by an unlimited amount of people. So your little film can have a huge impact and great return.

The popularity of video, its influence online, and its ability to engage viewers unlike other formats means it’s a must-have in your Facebook strategy.

Have your say: What impact has video content had on you digital presence?

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