Welcome Messenger 2.1!

By Anna Boucaut

Taking onboard the continued feedback from users, businesses and developers, Facebook has released Messenger Platform 2.1. The latest update to the platform gives businesses the opportunity to dive deeper into their engagements with customers.

A few of the newest features include built-in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and cross-app collaboration, making customers’ conversations on the app easier and more relatable. Although still limited, the introduction of NLP into the Messenger platform is providing brands the opportunity to scale their customers’ experiences on Messenger like never before, with the platform automatically detecting meaning for basic terms such as hello, bye, thanks and date & time.

The introduction of cross-app collaboration makes it easier for personalised customer support to interject in conversations if the automated (bot) is unable to support the customer. Seamless payment flows and five new Call to Action buttons also feature in this update, an indication that Facebook is trying hard to focus on creating an all-encompassing, interactive and commercially viable messenger app.

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