What analytics should your business pay attention to?



When implementing a change or campaign, analytics will show you the answers. Trusting in analytics means that within a certain timeframe, you will have answers.

Answers come in the form numbers that show increase, decrease and a general change (good or bad). Answers that will point towards what is working and what needs to be tweaked. This is why businesses embrace social media;  everything they do is measurable. For better or worse, the analytics do not lie and knowing what analytics you should be looking at is key it ensuring Facebook changes benefit you business instead of hindering it.

Here are the three big Facebook analytics that you need to know that you might not have thought about.

One. Time and day

What day are you getting the most traction on? And what time of day do your posts get the most views.

Two. Content

Look at the content you are posting and keep records of what content is getting you comment likes and shares.

One + two = the prefect analytics

Once you know the day/ time that you get a lot of traction, and you have your top pieces of content sorted, it’s time to look a little deeper.


Example: if Tuesday is your ‘best’ day, and you run a contest every Tuesday, you need to establish if it’s the day, or the content that is making Tuesday the best.

If you move a contest to a Wednesday what happens – does Wednesday increase in popularity? If yes, you know that it is the content that is making the difference. You must keep playing with these numbers to make sure your time, day and content is an accurate reflection of what your community is wanting from you.


All of this leads into #3…

Three. Reach against people talking about this = engagement

Have a look at how many people see your post, compare this to how many people are interacting with the post.

This is known as engagement and is a fundamental part of every social media strategy. The more engagement on a post, the more the community likes it. This is a simple way of making sure that what you are putting up resonates with your community.


Of course, when you combine one with two you will get three.

In short: The best time of day + the most well received content = great engagement.


Have your say: What analytics do you read the most?

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