What is your Social Brand Voice?


Have you ever had that friend, who one day you meet up with them or you speak with them on the phone and they’re ‘not themselves’? There is something not quite right about their tone. Their tone isn’t ‘them’. Their words don’t match ‘them’. Something is just ‘off’.

What happens if this goes on for a long time? Every time you speak they just don’t seem themselves. How do you feel? Confused? Worried? Distant from them

Now, imagine you’re a business? One day you are happy and fun. The next day you are quite and meek. The next day you simply ignore people. As a person reading this, how do I feel? Confused? Worried? Distant? I don’t know who you are anymore. I don’t trust you. I can’t even begin to build a relationship with you because I don’t even know who you are anymore.

So what can you do to overcome this? How can you move forward ensuring that you give your community the best chance to connect with you and build this relationship?

Define, develop and deploy your brand voice.

Ensure you know your tone. Your personality. Key words you would use (and never use). Topics you would talk to and about. And most importantly, make sure you know who your community will respond to.

If you are speaking to 30+ females who are interested in fashion, lifestyle and travel. You wouldn’t choose a brand personality who speaks like a 15 year-old boy who thinks everything is ‘jet’

If you are targeting 10 year old girls, you wouldn’t talk about finances, lifestyle travel and the finer things in life. Why? Because neither of these audiences will connect with the persona mentioned. They won’t find common ground by which they can relate to you and therefore, they won’t want to connect, talk and trust you.

Beyond that, your brand voice will help you to connect with your community over problems or issues. If a customer is not happy with your product, and they tell you about it online, how will you deal with it? Will you be helpful and solve their problem? Will you call them? Will you ignore them?

Whatever you decide to do, it must be done in a manner that you have previously decided upon. If you have decided you will communicate with them in a certain manner and solve their problem in certain way, you must make sure that this is the same across the community. This will ensure the audience knows what to expect and will respect your communication with them.

Having a brand voice to key for any business that is online. Being consistent, personable and human will give your brand the best change to build meaningful relationships with the community that will lead to loyalty and sales.

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