Who likes to fail?

By Elana Harari

“If I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t have learned anything. And if I hadn’t had the courage to put everything I had in it, to fail fast, I would have been out of the job. I also learned that you can fail and learn if your leader trusts you.”

An interesting concept that very few people are good at embracing. How many people can fail again and again, and keep going without a loss of self-worth, motivation in career, and drive in business?

The article has been published across many publications and platforms, and the positivity that comes from failure is summed up here:

“There is no one big failure that results in a transformative lesson that’s a prelude to an unblemished future. For most of us mere mortals, we’re in continual failing mode. Sometimes the failures are big, sometimes they are small. With the right mindset, one that’s as honest and fearless from the start, it’s easier to fail small, early and regularly, rather than waiting for the big dramatic explosion.”

Learning to fail, learn and move on is a skill that can only be developed over time and through experience. If you think you need to learn to ‘fail better’, click here to learn from the experts.

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