Who Rules the Video Length War?


By Rosie Thompson

The best length for social videos is a debated topic lately; what is the optimal video length for your social ads?

To find your optimal video length, we recommend going back to your key business, marketing and digital objectives and KPIs. 15 second video ads are great if you want engagement and sharability, however 30second video ads are better for brand building and story telling campaigns. So first you need to identify what you are trying to achieve, and then make a decision that enables you to do this best.

To help with your next video editing decision, we’ve pulled some helpful pointers for each option:

15 Second Video Pros 

  • More shareable – 15s social video ads are shared 37% more often than 30s or 60s video ads (BizReport) 
  • 80% more effective in terms of recall and likeability, than a 30s video
  • For branding, the performance of a 15s video is equal to that of a 30s
  • Greater dollar value for recall and persuasion
  • Suited to modern attention spans
  • Can be more focused and rational in execution (i.e. more product information)
  • Good for quick product demonstrations
  • Good for easy-to-explain messages and campaigns, short & sharp

30 Second Video Pros

  • More time to tell a complete brand story
  • Better for brand-building campaigns
  • Good for humorous campaigns
  • 75-80% better recall than 60-second spots
  • Spots that use entertaining elements of humour, cute and kids earn higher recall

Our in-house video expert, Nigel Walton, is more than happy to talk to you and advice on best length and editing style for your next social media campaign, just get in touch here.


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