Why searchable emojis hashtags won’t alter your business (just now)


Instagram has recently announced that it will allow emojis to be used as searchable hashtags.

Instagram’s integration of this new form of digital communication shows its willingness to move with the changing tastes of its audience. The platform stated that the use of emojis allowed users to “communicate emotions and feelings in a way that anyone can understand,” and formed part of a “universal visual language.” Read more here!

What does this move mean for your Instagram strategy? Absolutely nothing. While this may be a fun gimmick for some brands to experiment with, hashtags that are relevant to your brand written in words are easier to search, and won’t be misinterpreted by your community. Even with the new emoji search feature, written hashtags are definitely here to stay, and should remain the key component of your strategic Instagram messaging until more analysis is done.

Have your say: will you be using emojis for your social strategy?

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