Won’t somebody please think of the males!

By Elana Harari

Think you’re on a winner just because your target audience is female? Think again. New research from Nielsen shows that “Millennial men show a preference for regular digital retail habits to assist research and purchase of goods and services. More than a quarter (27 percent) use their mobile devices ‘often’ to research an item while in a physical store (compared to 23 percent among Millennial women and only nine per cent among older males)”

While previously this demographic has been thought of as ‘second place’ behind their female counterparts, this latest research begs to differ. Additional statics that may (or may not) surprise are:

  • Millennial men are spending almost four and half hours more online each week than Millennial women
  • More than nine in 10 Millennial men own a smartphone
  • Millennial men that are much more likely to be influenced by TV, driving them to search for TV-related content and follow-up on advertising.
  • Millennial men make more regular online purchases than Millennial women or older generations.
  • Almost four in 10 are buying items or paying for services online weekly or more frequently, compared with three in 10 Millennial women and just over two in ten older male generations.

You can read the outline here from B&T and know that this is great news for any brand no matter who they are targeting Why? Because – male or female – your audience is online and active!

Winning all-round.

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