Your Snapchat game is about to get A LOT better

By Anna Boucaut

Welcome Snapchat Chat 2.0, we are very excited to have you!

Last week Snapchat released its latest software update and we couldn’t be more excited. The app has officially taken on the messaging app leaders, Facebook and Whatsapp, rebuilding their chat section to provide a range of exciting new offerings, including capabilities to make phone/video calls! 

This new feature comes in line with their previous updates (daily news updates, event stories and celebrity profiles) and it is clear that they are on the path to be the go-to place for all immediate communication.

If you haven’t already updated it, some of the exciting new & improved features of Chat 2.0 are:

  1. Audio & Video notes – Send your friends audio notes or send them a video (a 10-second thumbnail-sized video within the chat) to keep them up to date!
  2. Auto-Advance Stories – time is precious, so the next Snapchat story will begin automatically now, simple!
  3. Sticker-heaven – enjoy 200+ stickers available within the chat for all those times you don’t know what to say.

Servants are keen Snappers and we’d love to have you involved! Add us to see all the Social Media Servants office shenanigans @smservants – we promise we won’t disappoint!


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